Cracking the code of Disinfo and Fact-Checking with Aleksy Szymkiewicz – Demagog


In the latest episode of the Disinfo 101 series, GeneralTalks invites you on a fascinating journey through the maze of disinformation alongside Gracia Sumariva and Aleksy Szymkiewicz, an expert coordinating the climate disinformation project at 

The first episode of the series opens the doors to the intricate world of disinformation, focusing on the pivotal role of fact-checking in tackling false information. Together with Aleksy, we delve into the challenges faced in the information age and the significance of fact verification as a guiding tool in this space. From the daily work at to comprehensive strategies combating disinformation in the context of climate change, the conversation with Aleksy provides invaluable insights and deepens the understanding of the evolving landscape of disinformation in Poland. 

Discover practical tips for dealing with and identifying disinformation. The speakers consider the audience’s perspective, emphasizing their curiosity and eagerness for active information seeking while highlighting the necessity of remaining vigilant in the face of the often-elusive truth in today’s era. 

Join this crucial discussion to stay updated with subsequent educational episodes of the Disinfo 101 series that shed light on this significant issue. Listen HERE.

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