“Cyber Coalition” – Key Role of Poland in NATO Cyber Warfare Exercises


At the end of 2023, the military exercises “Cyber Coalition” took place – the largest event of this kind globally, held annually since 2008. This year’s maneuvers brought together NATO member states, partner countries (including Ukraine, Japan, and Switzerland), and European Union institutions. Participants tested their cyber defense skills over five days, from November 27 to December 1. The scenario for this year’s exercises involved a cyberattack on a fictional allied state, including hostile operations against IT systems of critical infrastructure and supply chains. Participants took part in the exercises in their respective countries, while the operations were coordinated through the NATO Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Tallinn, where a small group of representatives from participating countries was stationed. 

In the “Cyber Coalition 2023” edition, Poland was entrusted with the role of Regional Command responsible for planning and implementing cyber operations for countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Spokesperson for the Polish Cyber Command (DKWOC), Lt. Col. Przemysław Lipczyński, emphasized that this is a clear expression of trust in Poland’s military and soldiers involved in cybersecurity. The DKWOC spokesperson highlighted that such initiatives not only foster trust among participants but also provide valuable knowledge and experience. In a real threat scenario, the developed frameworks and mechanisms can play a crucial role in defending the cyber domain within NATO. 

The commitment to developing shared capabilities in cyberspace was emphasized in October 2023. During that time, commanders of cyber forces from around the world gathered in Krakow for the military forum “Cyber Commanders Forum” and the accompanying event CYBERSEC SUMMIT 2023, organized by the Kosciuszko Institute. The Commander of the Cyber and Information Operations Command, Major General Karol Molenda, emphasized that the experiences exchanged during this exceptional meeting are invaluable for strengthening the defense structures of Poland and NATO. 






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