Participation type

EARLY BIRD price* PLN 2 999 / EUR 652 until 22 August 2021
BASIC price* PLN 3 999 / EUR 869 from 23 to 30 August 2021

Normal on-site pass

free access

Normal on-line pass

100% rebate from the starting price granted on an individual basis**

Representatives of local governments, the public sector, academic staff, NGO staff, public administration, uniformed services

* Gross values.
** The Organiser will consider the participation of certain groups from the public sector in the Event; the confirmation that Participants are to take part with the conference fee waived will be issued within seven working days. The discount code is granted in an individual invitation, in other cases please contact an Organiser’s representative at

Important information

/1 The NORMAL on-site PASS fee includes: 
– admission to all the open events comprised in the Agenda at the Krynica-Zdrój venue;
– admission to the BUSINESS PARTY (1 September 2021);
– access to the Partner area;
– conference lunches and coffee breaks;
– Participant ID, a package of conference material.

does not include:
the accommodation fee or the admission to the Ceremonial Gala (2 September 2021).

/2 The NORMAL on-line PASS fee includes:
– admission to all the open events comprised in the Agenda.

/3 The Participant exempted from the conference fee (academic staff, NGO staff, public administration, uniformed services) can buy the ticket for the BUSINESS PARTY at the price of PLN 300 at the email address

/4 Please use the official email address when registering. The Organiser reserves the right to verify the work affiliation of the Participants who are exempted from the conference fee.

/5 The Organiser does verify all the submissions and reserves the right to refuse any application. The rejection entails a reimbursement of the fee incurred by the Participant.

/6 The payment is possible via a traditional bank transfer, a credit card, and a fast payment. All prices include 23% VAT. The payer will receive a VAT invoice sent electronically to the indicated email account.


/7 Please become familiar with the full version of the CYBERSEC CEE REGIONS & CITIES 2021 Rules and Regulations of Participation.


Journalists seeking accreditation are obligated to fill in the registration form. Registration is not tantamount to granting the accreditation.

The email to confirm accreditation granting will be sent after the submission is analysed, within seven days from the registration process.

Partnership offer

The person responsible for contacting media is:


PR & Communication Manager
+ 48 663 968 776

The person responsible for contacting partners is:

Partnerships Manager
+ 48 791 024 497

Please send any queries regarding CYBERSEC CEE R&C 2021 registration process to the following email address: