Paco Garcia

Paco Garcia

Chief Technology Officer, Yoti

Paco is CTO at Yoti. He has a background in the space industry and worked at the European Space Agency and Airbus in a number of high profile missions including the Galileo navigation system where he was involved in the classified secure testing of the constellation of satellites and led the assembly, integration and testing of the fifth satellite payload. He’s also been involved in the cryptography and security aspects of telecommunications military satellites.

Paco loves challenging projects and making them a reality. He’s both a developer and a facilitator making sure that projects progress in an innovative but also practical way. He enjoys working on secure and reliable systems with a talented group of people.

He strongly believes that the individual should always be in control of his personal information and rejects the idea of trading off privacy for free services or security. In his view, privacy is a fundamental right that shouldn’t be subject to exploitation.

Paco holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Computer Science & Telecommunications from the University of Malaga, Spain with an exchange year in Virginia Tech, US.

When he’s not busy putting things into space or writing some code, he can be found at the best independent local coffee shop, cooking, travelling around or sailing.