Riho Terras

Riho Terras

Member, European Parliament

Born on 17th of April 1967 in Kohtla-Järve (Estonia), Riho Terras is the former Chief of Defence in Estonia. GEN Terras's civilian education includes history studies in the University of Tartu and a master's degree in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Bundeswehr.

His military education includes studies in the Royal College of Defence Studies in the United Kingdom, the Joint Command and General Staff Course in the Baltic Defence College, Beijing Military University International Course, the European Security Policy Course in the Geneva Centre of Security Policy and other basic military education courses.

GEN Terras joined Estonian Defence Forces1991. He founded and served in of several infantry units in various positions up to chief of staff of the Kalev Infantry Battalion. He was sent to Germany by the Commander of the Defence Forces major general Einseln to obtain NATO military Education 1994. After graduating several military education courses and from the Bundeswehr University (Germany), he served as the commander of the Guard Battalion from 1998 to 2000. GEN Terras was appointed the Chief of Staff of the Defence League Headquarters (National Guard) in 2000.

From 2001 to 2004 he served as the Estonian Defence Attaché in Germany and Poland. In 2007,

GEN Terras served in the Operation Iraqi Freedom and NATO Training Mission - Iraq as Deputy Chief of Staff.

Between 2005 and 2008 GEN Terras served in different positions in the Estonian Defence Forces Headquarters ending up as Deputy Chief of the HQ for Operations.

2008 GEN retired in the rank of colonel and was appointed as Permanent Secretary of the Estonian Ministry of Defence Between 2008 and 2010 GEN Terras carried out a number of austerity programs and structural reforms in response to the world economic crisis.

2011 GEN Terras was called back to the military service, he was promoted to brigadier general and appointed as the Chief of Defence from December 5th 2011- December 5th 2018.

After his retirement, GEN Terras joined MILREM ROBOTICS as the President of the Defense Division on January 21th 2019.

In this current term of the European Parliament, Riho Terras is Head of National Delegation of Estonia in the EPP Group and sits on the Industry, Research and Energy Committee and is a Substitute Member of the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee.