Orange Polska - a leading provider of telecommunications services in Poland in all segments of the telecommunications market. It has the largest infrastructure in the country. It offers customers with modern technology, including convergence services, which combine fixed and mobile telephony, home and mobile internet and numerous multimedia services. It provides comprehensive solutions for business. It conducts research and development activities and supports innovations. It invests in ultra-fast fiber internet and 4G / LTE mobile internet. Orange Polska has launched #hello5G network, as the first step in building new generation commercial services.  It is now available for 6 million people in almost 400 cities and towns in Poland.
Orange Polska is a leader in cyber security, through CERT Orange Polska.  It is one of 4 key cyber security centers in Orange Group. Not only it protects internet users in Poland, but also supports Orange network security in other countries.
Orange Polska belongs to the most socially committed  companies in the country. It also has one of the largest employee volunteering program in Poland. Through the Orange Foundation programs, it supports digital education, teaching how to use new technologies safely, wisely and creatively.
Orange Polska is a part of Orange - one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, active in 26 countries. Orange brand operates in the global market for more than 20 years. It is considered to be one of the most innovative companies and it enjoys one of the highest recognition rates.
The Silesian Voivodeship is one of the most interesting regions of the Central Europe. It is a place where the beauty of nature and the spirit of big cities mix in perfect proportions, where in harmony different traditions and human fates interweave.
Our roots reach out to the industrial history of the region, which for many years was the main element of changes. Industrial traditions have strongly fitted into the Silesian identity, which is reminded by the unique monuments of the old industry that create a highly unusual touristic product – the Industrial Monuments Route.
The Silesian Voivodeship despite its high level of urbanization is a very green region. In the heart of the agglomeration, the Silesian Park is situated which is the biggest park in Europe. This green island located in the centre of the biggest Metropolis in Poland is a place of recreation and leisure activities, but also it is a place of cultural, entertainment, and sports events that are organized on the legendary Silesian Stadium.
The Silesian Voivodeship has one of the strongest economies in Poland. Over 12% of the gross domestic product (GDP) is generated in the region, which is the second result in the country. Silesia has numerous natural resources, including bituminous coal, zinc and lead deposits, methane and natural gas reserves, marl, limestone, and natural aggregate deposits, as well as thermal, mineral, and healing waters.
Many industries have developed on the basis of the conventional industries, particularly the modern machine industry, which is now present on many foreign markets and constitutes a major element of the economic landscape of the voivodeship. The BPO/SSC and IT sectors are growing dynamically in Silesia, stimulating the activity of real estate developers. The fastest growing sectors are the automotive industry (the region is the largest motor vehicle producer in the country) and the food industry.
Over 480,000 economic entities are registered in the Silesian Voivodeship. The largest groups among them are natural persons conducting the economic activity and commercial-law companies. State-owned enterprises are the smallest group. Over 95% of the total number of economic entities in the region operate in the private sector.
Therefore, If you want to visit us or invest in our region, we invite You to Silesia, a place with positive energy!
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Krakow is one of the fastest-growing metropolises in Poland. It is a modern city where over a million people live and are employed. Krakow is a cultural, tourist, congress and scientific center - 150,000 students and 23 colleges can be found there, along with more than 200 international corporations in the modern business services sector, employing nearly 80 thousand people in the IT, services, research and development, business analytics and finance sectors. The city is at the forefront of the most attractive locations for the development of business services, offering one of the best conditions in the country to invest and to develop one’s own business. This is due to the constant presence and development of Polish companies and international corporations, the availability of highly qualified staff, the activity of the scientific community, research infrastructure, attractive living conditions and convenient geographical location. Krakow bases its sustainable development on intelligent management as well as energy and creativity of the residents.
EXATEL is a Polish telecommunications operator and ICT solutions, cybersecurity, and satellite communication services provider. EXATEL has built and manages the second largest fibre network in Poland. The company is present in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Moscow, Kyiv, Prague, and Paris. The operator provides solutions for business, other operators, and the public sector. EXATEL creates its own, original solutions like Polish antyDDoS, SDNbox, SDNcore, and is a #Polish5G project initiator.