A cyberattack leads to death. What’s next?

23 September 2020
The digital transformation is happening as you’re reading these words. It’s happening everywhere in every aspect of our lives transforming our culture, social interactions, public and private sectors in every industry. The transformation is not only affecting us positively, but also the recent incident from Düsseldorf should finally open our eyes.  The Technology Grows Exponentially In the book ...Read More


22 September 2020
There’s just one week left until the premiere of season 6 of CYBERSEC Global 2020! We have already confirmed for you one hundred speakers and every one of them will present interesting insights on the cybersecurity strategic challenges. If you waited with registration until the last moment – it is now. Take one minute to register, join CYBERSEC community & ...Read More

Hacking humans – threats to digital identity

21 September 2020
Introduction The human race has been on the journey of self-exploration for a very long time now, whether through scientific research within disciplines like biology and medicine or by taking a cognitive approach and investigating the human nature from a psychological and philosophical point of view.  The expedition to the core of humanity has evolved and what was previously ...Read More

7 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss CYBERSEC Global 2020

19 September 2020
We’re getting closer to launching the 6th edition of CYBERSEC conference. It starts on September 28th! If you’ve attended one of the previous editions, I’m sure you know how much attention we put to the details and to the overall value we want to provide to the attendees. This year is different and for the first time ...Read More