What Cyberspace Are We Going To Live In Tomorrow?

29 September 2020
CYBERSEC Global 2020 is gathering over 100 speakers from across the globe, exchanging thoughts and opinions in over 40 panels, keynotes, and addressing questions that arise around the future. Witnessing many of today’s technology advancements, a question that keeps coming back–how will it change our lives? How is it going to evolve and how will it reshape our ...Read More

Human-level AI – Probability, Risk, Opportunities

25 September 2020
Introduction 70 years ago, Alan Turing initiated the quest to develop a computer smarter than a human brain by introducing a test examining the ability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behaviour. Arguably, some chatbots have already passed this test, but we cannot say that sentient machines are fully developed, at least not yet. The concept of machines surpassing ...Read More

A cyberattack leads to death. What’s next?

23 September 2020
The digital transformation is happening as you’re reading these words. It’s happening everywhere in every aspect of our lives transforming our culture, social interactions, public and private sectors in every industry. The transformation is not only affecting us positively, but also the recent incident from Düsseldorf should finally open our eyes.  The Technology Grows Exponentially In the book ...Read More