Road to CYBERSEC 2020 Summary

21 December 2020
“Digital” has become the new normal, increasing its role in the functioning of states, business continuity, and the societies’ wellbeing. As the ongoing health crisis greatly accelerated the digital transformation, the need to discuss some of the key technological developments is even more valid. Within the span of four months we have organized nine webinars focusing on selected topics, some ...Read More

Together Against Adversarial Internet

1 October 2020
The 6th edition of CYBERSEC Global 2020 has come to an end on 30th of September. Over the past three days, the conference gathered over 100 speakers who joined over 40 panels and keynotes to discuss matters under the banner of “Together Against Adversarial Internet.” More than 2,500 attendees from over 100 countries joined the online binge-conferencing experience ...Read More

The Fight Over New Oil–Data

30 September 2020
On the 2nd day of CYBERSEC Global 2020, the conversation focus has been put on business and defence matters. Looking at companies with the biggest valuations, it’s clear that technology companies have outgrown old businesses such as the oil and gas industries. This exposes what is the most valuable today–it’s data. We would be naive to believe ...Read More

What It Takes to Become a Cyber Power?

30 September 2020
The United Kingdom has been recognized as a driving force in fighting against adversarial internet and has been awarded with the 2020 European CYBERSEC Award. If you were to consider which countries are to become cyber powers, the United Kingdom is definitely one of them. It’s proactive and innovative approach in building its cyber policies and capabilities– domestically and ...Read More