Bartosz Leoszewski
Bartosz Leoszewski CEO, Famoc
John Davies
John Davies Cyber Wales Co-Founder & Board Director, South Wales Cyber Security Cluster Manager
Ulrich Seldeslachts
Ulrich Seldeslachts CEO of LSEC – Leaders in Security
Piotr Kudrys
Piotr Kudrys Product Owner, (Proget)
Ciara Mitchell
Ciara Mitchell Head of ScotlandIS Cyber
Judith Millar
Judith Millar NI Cyber Co-Founder; Business Development Manager, Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), Queen’s University Belfast
Katie Stebbins
Katie Stebbins President of Global Epic
Maciej Salamoński
Maciej Salamoński Business Development Manager
Tomasz Gaj
Tomasz Gaj CEO (Findia)
Lilianna Poradzińska
Lilianna Poradzińska CEO (Cyber Security Center)
Rafał Turczyn
Rafał Turczyn Senior Manager, ComCERT