CYBERSEC HACKATHON - Finding the future cyberexperts:


The demand for cybersecurity professionals is growing exponentially and the global market has an insatiable thirst for new talents. Predictions saying about up to 6 million new workplaces and a fast evolving IT security field need to be acknowledged by companies and the academic sector. In addition, other stakeholders have to actively engage in building the workforce which will be able to secure our digital future and the world’s digital DNA.


To address the shortage of cybersecurity specialists on the CEE market, based on our last year’s experience, we decided to launch, as part of CYBERSEC CEE, CYBERSEC Hackathon with the goal of attracting youngsters, students and junior IT employees into the cybersecurity market. CYBERSEC Hackathon is a24-hour challenge during which participants will have to complete cybersecurity tasks and programming exercises as well as solve riddles and logical quests based on the following four main principles:

- Gamification – stimulate young people by allowing them to be players;

- Everyone is a winner – show appreciation to every participants and give them “cool” awards;

- Engage before the event – communicate with the audience beforehand; start the storytelling; give them introductory tasks; ask them about their preferences;

- Cooperate with the industry – include experts from cybersecurity companies; make them mentors and partners for young participants.

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