Young people are particularly exposed to aggressive expansion of Web threats; therefore, it has become necessary to more effectively raise their awareness of what cyberattacks in cyberspace they can expect and to develop their abilities to react and to use Internet resources and functionalities in a safe way. Over two-thirds of hacking attacks and data breaches are still caused by human error. What is more, an explosive growth of the ICT sector and the pressing need to build a cybersecurity system have led to an exponential rise in demand for STEM professionals and employees. The future of the cyberworld and its secured DNA require a sustained education for new generations and a continuous effort to develop their digital competences.


CYBERSEC for YOUTH is an educational workshop programme directed at people aged 13–19 that is designed to increase their online security in relation to data privacy and protection of IT systems and IT devices. Simultaneously, the intermediate goal of the project is to improve the security system of the Web that young users are surfing now and are going to use in the future, also in their professional lives. CYBERSEC for YOUTH is also meant to inspire young Poles to learn about STEM and to choose a related educational path, to develop their scientific interest in ICT, and to present successful professional careers in ICT and cybersecurity industries.