Newly published: European Cybersecurity Journal vol. 4 issue 1!

European Cybersecurity Journal – vol. 4 issue 1 has been published!


– Facing Burning Cyber Issues – Interview with Uri Rosenthal
– Toward More Secure Networks for Critical Sectors by Joel Brenner
– Cisco 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report: As Malware Sophistication Increases, Organisations Must Adopt Industry Best Practices and Evaluate AI, Machine Learning Tools by Lothar Renner
– Cyber Insurance and its Increasing Role in the Industry by Philippe Cotelle
– Cybersecurity – What is at Stake? A Comprehensive Approach to Management by Izabela Lewandowska-Wiśniewska
– Cybersecurity Strategies in Large Networks. Cyber Defence Under the Military Concept of “Retardant Action” by Alejandro Corletti Estrada

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