Izabela Albrycht and Joanna Świątkowska have met with U.S. Congress Members

A stronger engagement of the U.S., as well as the EU and NATO, is crucial to reinforce the strategic cooperation in the region and increase its resilience against cyberthreats. Izabela Albrycht, President of the CYBERSEC Organising Comittee and Joanna Świątkowska, CYBERSEC Programme Director have met with U.S. Congress representatives today at the U.S. Consulate General in Krakow.

Dennis A. Ross, French Hill, Brian Higgins, Charles J. Fleischmann, Andrew Harris, and Alexander Mooney listened to a briefing on the European and Polish cybersecurity markets and possible forms of cooperation in the CEE region. They also learnt more about the crucial challenges, such as information warfare, and the growing threats to critical infrastructure.

Find out more about these and other key cybersecurity challenges in the CYBERSEC Forum 2017 recommendations: https://cybersecforum.eu/en/recommendations-2017/