CYBERSEC’s mission is to foster the building of a Europe-wide cybsersecurity system.

Our goal is to create a dedicated collaborative platform for governments, international organisations, and key private-sector organisations.


CYBERSEC Forum means collaboration, process, and decisions. During this unique Europe-wide, annual public policy conference, we get together to tackle strategic cyberspace and cybersecurity problems.

  • Based on the outcomes of our discussions and analyses, we talk and break problems down in order to identify the most immediate security challenges in cyberspace.
  • We develop practical recommendations that increase the effectiveness of fight against cyberthreats at global and local levels alike (NATO, the EU, individual countries and sectors).
  • We provide a stimulus for introducing new cybersecurity regulations and strengthening international cooperation.

The conference responds to the growing need for debate on the most strategic challenges of digital transformation. In the age of new and perilous threats that trouble Europe, CYBERSEC provides guidance on the directions of change and at the same time fills the gap in the cybersecurity events calendar.


CYBERSEC addresses most up-to-date cybersecurity challenges. The conference agenda is drafted in collaboration with partners from public, non-governmental and private sectors, thus combining various standpoints.

Two days of inspiring debates offer an unparalleled opportunity for world’s most prominent cybersecurity experts to share their knowledge and experience. As every year, attendees at CYBERSEC 2017 will analyse the previously identified issues and come up with a comprehensive set of best-in-class solutions for Europe.

CYBERSEC duly appreciates the strength of interpersonal relationships. With ample networking opportunities, the conference helps forge new business relationships between the forum attendees.