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CYBERSEC Brussels Leaders’ Foresight 2018 – Summary

CYBERSEC Leaders’ Foresight, an exclusive, high-level meeting & a new format was introduced in Brussels on 27 February 2018. Following the CYBERSEC formula, the conference in Brussels was divided into four thematic streams: State, Defence, Business, and Future. Each stream compoased of a dedicated panel discussion and an on-stage interview or presentations focused on the […]

We’ve published the newest issue of the European Cybersecurity Journal (Vol. 3 Issue 4)

We’ve published the newest issue of the European Cybersecurity Journal! Contents: – Interview with Dr. Paul Timmers – Finding a Defensible Threshold to Achieve Detterence in Cyberspace by Prof. Martin Libicki – A Balance of Power in Cyberspace by Dr. Alexander Klimburg & Louk Faesen – Interview with Prof. Paul Cornish – Let’s Deal with […]

How to deal with fake news and disinformation? Download the newest issue (Vol 2 Issue 2) of the European Cybersecurity Market journal to figure it out!

  According to the newest study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, false news spreads in the cyberspace roughly six time faster than the truth. The problem is systemic and based not only on technological factors, but also on our cognitive biases. Clickbait prone algorithms, fuelled by our behavioural attraction to novelty, are only part […]