2018 NATO Summit in cyber context – the newest brief by the Kosciuszko Institute

The security of NATO is at its crucial moment and the 2018 Brussels NATO Summit is an important opportunity to make the Alliance more suitable for emerging new challenges. Cyber-related issues will also be on the table.

Allies' development concerning the Cyber Defence Pledge engagements will be assessed for the first time. Fairer burden-sharing to sthrenghten national capabilities, including cyber capabilities, will be one of the hottest topics in the discussions. Not to forget about the matters of collective response to cyber attacks and NATO-EU cooperation in cybersecurity.

Download the brief: 2018 NATO Summit in Cyber Context


Marta Przywała - Research Fellow at the Kosciuszko Institute, CYBERSEC Project Manager.

CDR Wiesławdziewicz, Legal Adviser at NATO Joint Force Training Centre in Bydgoszcz, Expert
of the Kosciuszko Institute, Member of CYBERSEC Programme Committee