Launched in 2018 by the Kosciuszko institute, the CYBERSEC Young Leaders Initiative is dedicated to students who are aware of the significance of cyberspace and passionate about exploring cyber challenges within the domains of international relations, law, economics, national security, defence and culture. Our goal is to find such young leaders and boost their careers in cyber, through the Institute’s flagship projects: the CYBERSEC Forum and the European Cybersecurity Journal. 

Are you a MA or PhD student and a cyber enthusiast? Take part in our CALL FOR PAPERS and accelerate your career! 


Your paper should pertain to the leitmotif of this edition of CYBERSEC: UNITED IN CYBERPOWER. 

The past few weeks filled with anxiety, instability, and unprecedented acts of aggression, have shown us the importance of unity and joint action. We are on a mission to develop integrity, reach common understanding, and continue showing unwavering support for our partners and neighbours – also within and in regard to cyberspace, which once again has turned into a battlefield. Our decisions for the present and plans for the future will define our potential, strength, and capabilities. We need joint action and mutual support. We need to be UNITED IN CYBERPOWER. 

The best articles will be published in the European Cybersecurity Journal, a specialised open access publication devoted to cybersecurity and published by the Kosciuszko Institute. The primary goal of the Journal is to provide concrete policy recommendations for European decision-makers and raise awareness on both issues and problem-solving instruments. 


  • CYBERSEC 2022 Young Leader Certificate 
  • Publication in the European Cybersecurity Journal 
  • Invitation to the 2022 CYBERSEC Programme Committee 
  • Invitation to participate in CYBERSEC Forum/EXPO 2022 


The papers should be sent until 20 April 2022 to editor@cybersecforum.eu.
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