ECCC Access-2-Market in Katowice

Date: 22 June 2023

Location: Innovation Stage, CYBERSEC FORUM/EXPO 2023

Organised by: The European Cybersecurity Competence Centre, Poland Cybersecurity Coordination Centre, CYBERSEC FORUM/EXPO 2023, the Kosciuszko Institute and the #CyberMadeInPoland Cluster.

CISOs, business leaders and investors – do not miss your chance to network with topic experts and peers to explore the most current cybersecurity products and solutions.


Cybersecurity providers – do not miss your chance to meet with fellow end-users and potential business partners and attend the pitches & B2B meetings.

The ECCC Access-2-Market matchmaking event organised by European Cybersecurity Competence Centre, Poland Cybersecurity Coordination Centre (NCC-PL), CYBERSEC FORUM/EXPO 2023, the Kosciuszko Institute and the #CyberMadeInPoland cluster, powered by the European Cybersecurity Community project (ECCO), will take place on the 22 June 2023 in Katowice, Poland.

The goal is to enable a tailored setting for CISOs and corporate leaders to meet, and spark connections, with some of Poland’s most eminent cybersecurity providers. Join us in Katowice to interact with other stakeholders from the European Cybersecurity Community and take part in the exchange of information and ideas on the two prevailing topics in cybersecurity today: “Identity & Access Management” and “Risk Management & Risk Assessment”.

Besides outstanding networking opportunities, experts have been invited to dig deep into the two dedicated themes of the day, and to share their insights in the form of keynote speeches and in valuable panel discussions.

We strongly encourage Polish  companies to participate and present themselves during the event.

For European CISOs, business leaders and investors: eager to discover tending cybersecurity solutions and tools?

The Access-2-Market matchmaking event is designed to address the needs and challenges faced by CISOs in their daily work. It is an opportunity that you, as a CISO, would not want to miss, it is a chance to meet subject matter experts and get introduced to the latest cybersecurity solutions and products. Additionally, you will learn about the newest tools available on the market to make informed decisions about cybersecurity for your organisation. CISOs will be provided the opportunity to meet with peers and discuss products and solutions in “Identity & Access Management” and “Risk Management & Risk Assessment”, two priority areas for CISOs today.

For European scale-ups and large growth companies: ambitious to pitch on a European stage?

Cybersecurity companies that have developed innovative solutions or products are encouraged to apply to pitch in this event. This is your opportunity to  demonstrate your expertise and share your insights with an audience of enthusiastic cybersecurity buyers and market participants (such as CISOs, integrators and investors).

Selection criteria for cybersecurity providers to be included in the pitch deck:

  1. Europe-based small and medium enterprises – headquartered in Europe and minimum 51% European capital in the ownership structure.
  2. Product or/and service providers in the area of  “Identity & Access Management” and “Risk Management & Risk Assessment” (but representatives of those categories are very welcome to join the event).
  3. Description of the solution/product matching the theme of the event.
  4. Use case example.
  5. List of the main clients.
  6. List of certifications (if applicable).
  7. Data residency/sovereignty information – demonstrate to show where the users’ data is stored).
  8. Security practices – demonstrate how the company ensures its infrastructure security and implements security assessment.
  9. Integration potential – demonstrate how well the company’s solution can integrate with IT frameworks and other cybersecurity products.
  10. Ease of deployment – demonstrate how quickly the solution can be deployed and how many resources are needed.
  11. Maintainability – showcase how much resources are required to monitor the solution, how solution maintenance is implemented and if it require hiring people or involving third parties in its maintenance.

Additional information to be included in the pitch deck:

  1. Size of the company – in terms of staff numbers (Full-time equivalents/FTEs).
  2. Annual turnover – in euros, or converted in euros.
  3. How long is the company on the market.

Application process:

  • To be considered for the event, the company should provide a 13-slide pitch deck to illustrate how it meets the selection criteria.
  • European-based companies – The company must have its Main headquarter in Europe and a minimum 51% European Capital in the ownership structure.
  • Pitch decks shall be sent to Lukasz Gawron at lukasz.gawron(at) before 11 June at midnight CET.
  • Upon meeting the criteria, up to 10 companies will be selected to present their solutions and products at the event in Katowice.


Selected companies will be granted a 5 minute pitch in front of a European audience and a jury composed by CISOs. The two companies with the best pitches, as elected by the jury, will be nominated to compete in ECSO’s CISO Choice Award Finals.

Send an e-mail to Lukasz Gawron at lukasz.gawron(at) where you indicate your interest to pitch,  with your 13 slides pitch deck attached (pdf, 1 MB size).

IMPORTANT: Please keep your application convincing and concise. The selection committee will choose 10 European providers to pitch during the ECCC Access-2-Market matchmaking event on the 22 June 2023 in Katowice, Poland.

Call for cybersecurity investors and integrators

Are you an investor, industry expert or other cybersecurity enthusiast and interested in joining the ECCC Access-2-Market matchmaking event as an attendee? The registration for attendance of the event will be soon open (Cybersec2023 ( Please note that definitive attendance will be subject to official confirmation after registration.

ECSO’s CISO Choice Award

A CISO Jury Panel will carefully evaluate the pitches from the selected companies, and nominate the two best companies to take part in ECSO’s CISO Choice Awards Finals Event. At the ECSO CISO Choice Awards Finals Event, finalists from the ECCC Access-2-Market series will meet to compete for the final prize and the opportunity to meet with leading market players and buyers in Europe. Stay tuned.