• We would like to underline that our potential and strength in cyberspace depend on building national capabilities and accelerating them through joint action and mutual support.
  • CYBERSEC FORUM/EXPO is a unique event - a combination of debates on the most critical strategic challenges regarding cybersecurity and an EXPO dedicated to the cyber industry in Poland, Europe and rest of the world. It will be a continuation of the format initiated in 2019, also in Katowice, which overarching goal is to create opportunities for meetings - business and networking, as well as debates and workshops.
  • The upcoming event will be the 16th edition under the brand of CYBERSEC! We want to emphasize the importance of cybersecurity in every industry, educate, boost market cooperation and talk about the biggest challenges for the market. The event is co-organized by the Kosciuszko Institute and the Cyber Made in Poland Cluster.

Programme Committee ’22

Izabela Albrycht
Co-founder & Chair of the CYBERSEC Programme Committee

Joanna Świątkowska
COO, ECSO; Initiator & Former CYBERSEC Programme Director (2014-2019)
James Appathurai
Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, NATO
Tadeusz Chomicki
Ambassador for Cyber & Tech Affairs, Security Policy Department, Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Dan Cimpean
Director, Romanian National Cyber Security Directorate
Ambassador Sorin Ducaru
Director, European Union Satellite Centre (SatCen); Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, NATO (2013-2017)
Dr Tobias Feakin
Ambassador for Cyber Affairs and Critical Technology, Australia
Melissa Hathaway
President, Hathaway Global Strategies, LLC; Former Cybersecurity Advisor, George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations; Expert of the Kosciuszko Institute
Sir Julian King
European Commissioner for Security Union (2016-2019)
Ciaran Martin
Professor of Practice, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford; Former Chief Executive Office, National Cyber Security Centre of the UK (2016-2020)
Gen. Bryg. Karol Molenda
Director, National Cyber Security Centre, Poland
Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones
Senior Advisor, Ridge-Schmidt Cyber; Former Minister of State for Security and Counter Terrorism of the UK
Christhopher Painter
President, The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise; Commissioner, Global Commission on Stability of Cyberspace; Coordinator for Cyber Issues, U.S. State Department (2011-2017)
Luigi Rebuffi
Secretary General, European Cyber Security Organisation
Andrea G. Rodriguez
NATO 2030 Young Leader, CYBERSEC 2019 Young Leader; Research fellow, Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB); Associate Member, Observatory for the Social and Ethical Impact of Artificial Intelligence (OdiseIA)
Rafal Rohozinski
Chief Executive Officer, SecDev Group
Robert Siudak
Chairman of the Polish Cybersecurity Cluster #CyberMadeInPoland
Max Smeets
Senior Researcher, Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich
Paul Timmers
Research Associate, Oxford University; Prof, European University Cyprus
Tomasz Zdzikot
Chairman, Group of Public Advisors to the MoD on Cybersecurity