CYBER Trainees receives recognition at Advanced Threat Summit


Our initiative, CYBER Trainees, has been honored as one of the finalists in the prestigious Advanced Threat Summit competition under the “Project” category. This groundbreaking program for inclusivity in the ICT industry was developed in collaboration with TestArmy – Cybersecurity and Software Testing Services, and, with the support of the Microsoft Foundation.

In the first edition of CYBER Trainees, participants included female refugees from Ukraine and women facing professional exclusion. The initiative proved to be a success, and with the support of our partners, we launched the second edition in September with the aim of continuing to support women aspiring to advance their careers in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT).

This recognition for CYBER Trainees is not only a triumph for the initiative itself but also evidence that our efforts and commitment yield tangible results, and the projects we undertake are acknowledged by independent communities as socially significant.

The Advanced Threat Summit has been a decade-long platform for discussions on crucial issues related to cybersecurity. The event features discussions and workshops with recognized industry experts, as well as special sessions, such as meetings with members of the Cyber Women Community.

Congratulations to the creators of the Cyfrowy Skaut initiative, who received the main award, and to the other nominees, including the Cyber Women Community. We sincerely thank the organizers for providing a space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

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