A new issue of the European Cybersecurity Journal is here!


“Years ago, the understanding of what cybersecurity is and the function it plays were very different. It has gained more prominence, but it’s also become a shared responsibility that requires concerted efforts” – noticed Francesca Bosco, CyberPeace Institute.

In an ever-changing world, we face dynamic challenges that demand flexibility across various domains. #Cybersecurity is no exception. The increasing array of threats linked to technological advancements has prompted a shift in the way we secure the digital realm.

These perils extend beyond the purely technical domain, raising questions about safeguarding human rights in the era of technology. Hence, the latest edition of the European Cybersecurity Journal offers fresh and vital perspectives on this subject.


Experts share their thoughts within the context of:  

  • European Cyber Security Cooperation
  • Regulating AI
  • Digital Transformation in Africa
  • Human Trafficking using Technology


A new issue here 

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