Did you know that the main threats occur via email, by clicking on a link or an attachment? This is one of the reasons why it is said that human behavior is the primary cause of security incidents.

Ransomware attacks have become a plague these days, and the healthcare sector has been hit hard. It is estimated that in 2022, in the United States alone, about 300 hospitals could be infected with ransomware, and significant attacks were also recorded in France and Canada. In Poland, we also had to deal with many serious incidents, e.g. at the Polish Mother’s Hospital in Łódź, which clearly shows that the attackers are not picky when it comes to selecting targets. In response to the threats, last year, the National Health Fund IN Poland launched a financial support program for hospitals to strengthen cybersecurity capabilities, which is also being continued this year. What does the healthcare sector need to do to be resilient to cyber threats?

Mainly three factors underlie the persistence of targeted ransomware, and each presents significant hurdles for lawmakers: the presence of a vast pool of security-poor organizations; the availability of a poorly regulated payment vehicle in the form of cryptocurrency; and criminals’ ability to exploit jurisdictional boundaries. 

The CYBERSEC Forum will establish a space to introduce and discuss the current challenges that hospitals face in the context of these new threats. Our panelists will explore the cross-cutting issues of setting up a regulation that considers the specific features of the cyber domain.

How can private organizations like hospitals organize themselves to be prepared? On top of that, current public-private sector partnerships are limited by the geographic, political, and legal boundaries of the countries in which they reside: there should be public-private partnerships both domestically and internationally. To address the transnational nature of ransomwares schemes, which framework to follow to initiate an international public-private sector partnership? Also, could ransomware become a new tool of geopolitical power? Or even more a gamechanger in warfare?

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