CYBERSEC FORUM/EXPO 2023: How to build strong partnerships with the public sector?

In recent years, cyberspace has developed completely new conditions for crime, data breaches, espionage and more, and we have seen these challenges even more exasperated in the current Russian War on Ukraine, where new technologies and attack tactics are transforming cyberspace and military operations as we know them. In other parts of the world, China state-nexus adversaries have increased their cyber espionage campaigns, Iranian actors have launched destructive ransomware operations and Russian state-nexus adversaries have combined destructive espionage and information operations attacks in the War in Ukraine. Attacks have become more sophisticated and damaging, showcasing an explosive landscape of vulnerabilities. 


Building strong partnerships with the public sector is an important aspect in standing up against these previously mentioned threats. This collaboration should be prioritized, as the critical infrastructure of one sector cannot be secured without securing the others at the same time. Some successful examples of PPP collaboration are the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) between the US Department of Homeland security and the private sector, and the Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) initiative as a whole, where the private and public sectors share information regarding cyber threats. 

Public-private cooperation has been on the increase; however, it has not been put into practice enough and will not be able to fully tackle all cyber threats. It has become increasingly difficult to keep up with adversaries and their ever-evolving attack tactics, however that being said, PPP collaboration still comes with a multitude of benefits including sharing of information and cybersecurity defense strategies, improving awareness on how to respond to and mitigate attacks, public sponsorship, and the establishment of an international law that coincides with each party’s initiatives and priorities. As Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a progress, and working together is success.” 

The “Triple Helix” approach may be used as a reference to improve PPP collaboration. It advocates for the cooperation between not only the public and private sectors, but also to include the academia sector. The public sector is the biggest out of these three, and therefore will be able to provide the necessary funding for the academic sector to commit to raising public awareness in cybersecurity education and training, as well as testing and developing cybersecurity defense strategies that will then in turn be communicated to the public and private sectors. An open dialogue and transparency will promote this cross-sectoral collaboration, with the inclusion of clear leadership. 

CYBERSEC promotes this facilitation of collaboration between various sectors and builds an agenda for all stakeholders to come together to share ideas on the utmost pressing issues regarding cybersecurity. CYBERSEC FORUM/EXPO 2023 takes place on the 21st and 22nd of June and does exactly this, with engaging panels, discussions, and debates between experts and representatives of the cybersecurity community. Do you believe building stronger partnerships with the public sector is achievable in the near future? Join us in the CYBERSEC FORUM/EXPO 2023 and provide your interesting insight into this pressing and key question. 


Article written by Liliana Kotval.

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