13 reasons why your company should join CYBERSEC FORUM/EXPO 2023!

If you’re still wondering whether it’s worth attending CYBERSEC it is time to learn 13 reasons why your company should be here. Establishing business relationships, attracting investors, building security systems aligned with the latest cybersecurity trends are just few of the unique benefits of the FORUM/EXPO.
Now, get to know them all:


1/ Make valuable contacts in the IT industry, including new partners, customers and investors.
CYBERSEC is a special place for meeting with leading companies representatives, media and IT-related professionals. In the EXPO area you will make a deal with a new IT service provider or get a financial support to develop your project. 

2/ Learn about cybersecurity trends. Use tips from top experts to effectively adopt the newest industry standards.
43% of cyberattacks target small businesses. Only 14% of them is capable of self-defense. Get recommendations, know which solutions are the most effective today and how you can implement them to your company. 

3/ Prepare your company for cyberattacks. Respond to threats.
It takes 197 days to identify a data leak and another 69 days to stop it. FORUM/EXPO gives you a space for individual consultations and opportunity to learn about the services from the best companies so you can take care of your companys security. 

4/ Find effective tools to counter cyberattacks. Create a successful response plan.
2 days of the CYBERSEC FORUM/EXPO also include 5 thematic streams, workshops, lectures, as well as startups and scaleups presentations with their pioneering solutions 

5/ Strengthen your IT department. Develop your team’s competencies.
Expand your team’s knowledge and implement an effective security policy. Provide your employees with the opportunity to chat with top cyberindustry experts. 

6/ Open up to international cooperation.
At CYBERSEC you will meet business representatives from all over the world. Seize the opportunity to learn about international markets and establish strategic collaborations that will allow you implement a breakthrough service.   

7/ Increase your company’s competitiveness.
The knowledge gained at CYBERSEC will let you better understand the market and establish a digital strategy so you can increase your business efficiency. Acquire new customers with innovative products.  

8/ Stand out from the crowd. Build your brand.
Prestigious events increase the business visibility of your company. With CYBERSEC, you will gain valuable leads, expand your network and build your position as a leader in the cybersecurity industry. 

9/ Bet on development. Invest in artificial intelligence.
Learn the secrets of AI and increase the efficiency of your company’s processes. Innovative technologies and services will attract the customers. Innovative solutions presented at CYBERSEC will help to increase sales

10/ Build network with specialists. Gain valuable insights.
During the FORUM/EXPO you learn from the best in your field. Draw inspiration from other attendees and exchange valuable experiences related to cybersecurity. It will help you implement a new risk management strategy and develop better procedures for dealing with cyberattacks. 

11/ Your voice matters. Establish relationships with policy makers.
CYBERSEC is a unique opportunity to interact directly with politicians responsible for cybersecurity regulations. Pay attention to cyber issues and check out the latest legislative developments in the field.  

12/ Cooperate with public institutions. Get access to funds.
CYBERSEC is a meeting place for public administration and business. Take advantage of this, interact with government agencies and launch an innovative project. 

13/ Build a strong position on the market. Create new directions of development.
By participating in CYBERSEC you have the opportunity to make an impact on the cybersecurity area. Establish relationships with key players and bring your company to the external market.   


Register for the CYBERSEC FORUM/EXPO 2023 now!

Join the world of politics, business and science meetings, this June 21-22 at the International Congress Centre in Katowice, Poland. 

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