The CYBERSEC European Cyber Security Forum, as an institutional partner, invites you to the European Economic Congress – register to attend and be with us from 24 to 26 April at the International Congress Centre in Katowice. 


Let’s meet! The European Economic Congress, the largest business event in Central Europe, is coming soon. The event is held with the participation of recognised authorities, distinctive individuals, decision-making politicians, managers of diverse companies and entrepreneurs, as well as experts, academics and media representatives. The several hundred panellists at the European Economic Congress are a competent and opinion-forming group of people whose decisions change our reality. 

The CYBERSEC Cyber Security Forumjoins the debate. We will talk together about the revolution and the changes we are all witnessing. We will be suggesting solutions, following trends and inspiring innovative action by giving the floor to experts. The topics of cyber security, technology and the use of research for socio-economic development have been high on the agenda of the European Economic Congress for years. You are cordially invited to attend the thematic sessions and accompanying events. Registration is ongoing on the organiser’s website. 

We especially invite you to the following sessions of the congress ↓ 

24 April 2023 | 14.30-16.00 | Technologies, innovations, digitisation
24 April 2023 | 12.30-14.00 | Artificial intelligence
24 April 2023 | 16.30-18.00 | Metaverse
24 April 2023 | 16.30-18.00 | Cyberthreats and cybersecurity
25 April 2023 | 9.30-11.00  | Robots and robotisation
25 April 2023 | 9.30-11.00  | Telecommunications infrastructure
25 April 2023 | 13.30-14.30 | Business in the cloud
April 2023 | 15.00-16.00 | Digital inequalities
April 2023 | 16.30-17.30 | Technologies of the future: review and zoom in 




Why is it worth attending the European Economic Congress? 

Networking. Europe’s most important representatives and leaders of change, investors, experts and government representatives will meet in one place. It is up to the participants to use their new contacts. 

  • The hottest business and social topics: Green economy transformation | Society – quality of life and culture | Human vs. technology + AI | Labour market | Women in business | Knowledge and education for the future | Leaders for difficult times
  •  The Congress encompasses 3 intensive days filled with discussions on current socio-economic challenges, the latest business trends, a chance to share knowledge and solutions implemented in Polish and European realities.
  • Knowledge and inspiration. An opportunity to obtain constructive conclusions, diagnoses on the shape and development prospects of societies and organisations.

#EEC2023 will also be accompanied by: 

  European Forum of Young Leaders 
  EEC Start-up Challenge competition  
  Investors Without Borders competition 
  Top Municipal Investments competition 
  Green Initiatives Ranking competition 




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