Małopolska Voivodeship as the Main Institutional Partner

CYBERSEC CEE Regions & Cities 2021 will take place 1-3 September 2021 in Krynica-Zdrój and will follow the theme: “Towards values-based digital world”.

Europe’s cyber security and digital resilience depends on the commitment of its regions and cities, as well as on real public-private partnerships. This is how to start a digital transformation based on security and values. This is the reason why CYBERSEC CEE Regions & Cities was established, thus Krynica Goes Digital.

Małopolska Voivodeship as the Main Institutional Partner within it, together with the organizers from The Kosciuszko Institute, wants to fulfill the commitment to support responsible and human-centered digital ecosystem.

Małopolska Voivodeship is a region where the most important economic and technological routes intersect. We have an inexhaustible creative potential of curiosity and passion of scientists and students from leading universities, schools and colleges. Małopolska is a synthesis of Polish thought and tradition. Centuries-old national intellectual and scientific achievements are concentrated here.

Małopolska ranks third in the country in terms of both inventions submitted and patents granted, but already second in terms of patents granted per million inhabitants (2017). There are several hundred research and development units operating in the region. In addition, there are about 20 cluster initiatives, including the LifeScience Cluster and the Sustainable Infrastructure Cluster, which have the status of National Key Clusters.

They are the initiators of the project, the aim of which is to create a comprehensive system promoting innovativeness, entrepreneurship and supporting innovative SME from Małopolska, in particular in the areas of Małopolska smart specialization.

The region is located in the Małopolska Upland and partly in the Western Carpathians, in beautifully shaped and varied areas, rich in traditions and customs, with unique monuments and numerous natural curiosities. In Poland there are 28 UNESCO heritage sites. 14 of them are located in the Małopolska region, including Wieliczka Salt Mine, Old Town, Wawel Castle and Kazimierz in Cracow.

Welcome to Malopolska. We meet here and now. We debate on the virtual web. We are looking for the best solutions and the way to a better world of the future. We want it to be infinitely safe and friendly. For everyone. And make children smile. Just like Malopolska.

All roads lead to Malopolska!

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